Looking for the right singing teacher to help you take your voice to the next level?   Whether you sing pop, rock, jazz, country, musical theatre or opera, learning proper vocal technique can help take your voice to the next level.  Learn to sing with ease and without strain. Expand your range and improve your vocal confidence.  Build a dynamic voice no matter what style you sing.  Based in Vancouver BC, Alida Vocal Studio continues to give professional singing lessons to singers from all styles of music and all levels of musicianship.  Alida is a Level 3 Certified Singing Teacher with the Institute for Vocal Advancement.  With a degree in music and a strong performing arts background, and over 20 years of singing experience, your signing lessons will be top quality.  Click here to read more about singing lessons at Alida Vocal Studio.

Alida Vocal Studio can help you:

  • sing high notes with ease
  • improve your tone
  • increase your vocal range
  • develop powerful vocals without strain
  • sing any style of music: pop, rock, R&B, Broadway, classical, jazz
  • achieve vocal confidence
  • learn to sing challenging songs

What’s New:

  • In celebration of World Voice Day 2015, Vocal Master Class with Spencer Welch and sponsored by IVA.  April 18th, 2015 in Vancouver! Click here for more info.


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Learning to sing without strain and still be able to keep your style is possible! The singing technique that Alida teaches trains you how to sing with ease and no strain, while still producing a powerful vocal sound.

As your singing teacher, the priority is to get you singing comfortably from the bottom to the top of your range without gripping extra muscles or flipping into a disconnected breathy tone.  Through the practice of the vocal exercises, you will feel a big difference as your voice becomes free of unhealthy vocal habits.


Alida is a Level 3 IVA Certified Singing Teacher and Area Representative (Canada) with Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA).  With a degree in music and a strong performing arts background, and over 20 years of singing experience, Alida’s teaching will help you grow as a singer and performer. You will learn to sing naturally and effortlessly and develop your own healthy unique tone.


For more information on singing lessons, including rates, click here.  To book your lesson online click here.

Your singing lessons can be scheduled either weekly or bi-weekly for 30 or 60 minutes and will be held at two different Vancouver locations depending on the day of your lesson.

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ToshTurnerHeadShot“Alida is extremely well versed in the technique that she teaches and she is able to bring out the best in me. She is thoughtful, specific in her commentary, understanding, and unbelievably knowledgeable, but most importantly she is kind and that kindness provides me the best possible opportunity to shine.”
– Tosh Turner

Emily“Since beginning voice lessons with Alida I have become more connected with my chest voice, which has not only improved my singing but also has significantly clarified my craft in acting. She is an inspirational teacher.”
- Emily Bett Rickards

Ian Headshot“As I am a school teacher, I appreciate the time that Alida takes to answer my questions, and to teach me techniques to improve my vocal ability.”
– Ian Poole




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