I have been studying with Alida for over 6 months now and I am so grateful to have her as a teacher. I think it's important to have someone that believes in you and really pushes you to be the best that you can be. With her guidance and a little hard work, I went from never singing in front of anyone to getting roles in the competitive musical industry! Alida tailors the lessons to fit you, so you are always getting stronger as a singer!

Alexandra Nicole Quispe ()

I was just accepted into the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. Alida is a very thoughtful and talented teacher and I’m very lucky to train with her. I wouldn’t have been able to reach many of my achievements without all of her help.

Nathalie Joyal ()

I have been training with Alida for over three years now and it feels like everything has changed in my approach to singing as a result of working hard under her guidance. I sing in a band that gigs a lot. She introduced me to a technique that allows me to be able to perform several nights a week and still have a full, confident range and maintains the nuance in my singing. I am also an actor and find that I use the technique Alida has given me in all my work. I highly recommend Alida.

Mark Downey ()

Since working with Alida, I have become more connected with my chest voice, which has not only improved my singing but also has significantly clarified my craft in acting. She is an inspirational teacher, always encouraging me to broaden my musical avenues by supporting guitar and songwriting. Alida has safely helped shape my voice enabling me to create a tone that is unique to me.

Emily Bett Rickards ()

I started training with Alida almost a year ago and her technical knowledge is truly off the charts. I cannot put into words how much my singing has improved - songs that I could barely sing in the past are a piece of cake today. Every time we finish a lesson I feel inspired and encouraged to not only explore my singing creatively, but to challenge myself with complex songs and work even harder to achieve my vocal goals.

May Guimaraes ()

Alida is extremely well versed in the technique that she teaches and she is able to bring out the best in me. She is thoughtful, specific in her commentary, understanding, and unbelievably knowledgeable, but most importantly she is kind and that kindness provides me the best possible opportunity to shine.

Tosh Turner ()

I have learned so much from Alida, and the singing technique she has taught me has given me more vocal confidence. Working with Alida has undeniable been a catalyst for my vocal health and development. I really appreciate the fact that I can go into a lesson and immediately we get to work - no time wasted. She has been a game charger for me and I am happy to continue working with her.

Bailey Corneal ()

I now split my time between Nashville and Vancouver. Alida was the first vocal coach to make me see that vocal ability is a process that requires hard work and patience, and not necessarily something you are 100% born with, and for this I am so grateful! Alida has helped me in so many areas of my vocal development. After less than a year of frequent training with her I have a strong chest voice, less breathiness, and greater ease singing high notes. Alida has helped me so much with my vocal confidence. I've always loved writing songs, but for years I was too embarrassed to sing in front of anyone. Now, I feel confident enough that I am able to sing in front of collaborators and small audiences. This has helped me further my songwriting career goals.

Stefanie Bartlett ()

I first came to Alida two years ago as a classically-trained soprano looking to sing more casually. As a professional outside the performance sphere, I felt an inability to enjoy singing as a hobby, given that I was most comfortable singing classical and folk music. Today, Alida has helped me develop a chest and mix voice, allowing me to find a strong sound across genres. The repertoire available to me has increased dramatically. I'm now able to explore new and different avenues to continue singing while pursuing my non-performance professional goals.

Denea Bascombe ()

Alida and her teaching has taken me from being limited as a soprano only to a singer with the ability to marry my upper and lower register into one voice. My range and repertoire have expanded dramatically and I highly recommend her teaching to anyone looking to develop all areas of your voice as a singer and as a performer.

Claire Cohen (director)

When I first came to Alida I had no previous singing training. Within the first few months of working with her I have developed a noticeably stronger chest voice and significantly smoother transitions from chest to head voice. Really the most important thing I gained was confidence in my voice, something that has been holding me back for years.

Ellen MacNevin ()

I was very surprised that Alida can use English to teach me how to sing Chinese songs! In only 3 months, I see myself greatly improved. I now know how to prevent disconnecting on high notes and have replaced that with slowly moving into my connected mix voice when I sing higher notes. Alida's teaching style is very interesting and fun!

Leon Wong ()

Through my voice lessons with Alida, I have learned how to sing with a properly-positioned larynx. She has taught me how to correct several of my bad vocal habits – most notably, a nasal vocal tone – that I had developed through many years of misuse. As I am a school teacher, I appreciate the time that Alida takes to answer my questions, and to teach me techniques to improve my vocal ability.

Ian Poole ()

As an Acting Student with Musical Theatre background, I needed a singing method that would take care of my natural voice and provide me with a big repertoire. I have trained with Alida and my voice has improved in many ways. Alida's supportive coaching is always great and the technique has been an ongoing tool for my career.

Alen Dominguez ()

Alida is a great teacher who not only recognizes the small nuances in the voice but she delivers her message in a positive way. Whether you have sung for 20 years or just a beginner, you will still be a stronger vocalist after taking lessons with Alida. She has opened my mind to a world of music that I never thought possible.

Alberto Lara ()

Even after my first lesson with Alida, the entire way I approached singing changed. Despite having sung in choirs and musical theatre productions for years, I had never previously taken individual lessons, but Alida instantly made me feel supported and inspired. She consistently addresses my individual needs and challenges me in a way that has enabled me to progress and strengthen my voice further than I had originally thought possible. I am overwhelmingly grateful that I have been able to study under Alida for the last year and a half. Her care and passion for what she does has truly inspired me and has built up my confidence and transformed my singing.

Kristin Wright ()

Voice lessons with Alida have opened up a whole new world for me. I've joined a choir and am preparing to do a solo audition and feel much more confident with my vocal abilities. Prior to voice lessons with Alida I could carry a tune and stay on pitch but didn't quite know why I couldn't sing the songs I wanted to sing and why my voice sounded so small. Alida has taught me about my chest voice, head voice, bridging the two and how to have better control. I've learnt so much already and realize there is so much more to learn. She's also taught me to really think about the songs I'm singing and to understand the genre and the nuances, accents, riffs and vowel sounds each different type of song requires whether it is jazz, pop, rock, gospel, broadway or classical. I love every minute of my voice lessons and highly recommend Alida!

Sara Hamilton ()

I had no singing experience prior to training with Alida. I couldn’t hold a note before lessons actually. The vocal exercises she recommended helped not only to strengthen my singing voice, but also my speaking voice. I’ve been training with her for two years, and it’s incredible to compare the recordings from when I started and now. Alida is one of those rare teachers who cares about her students’ progress and their well-being. She has helped me push past barriers I’ve had in singing and acting. If you’re uncertain, or are thinking about singing, and have or have not taken lessons before, then I wholeheartedly recommend that you take at least one lesson with Alida.

Landon Tang ()

Alida is a very passionate and talented voice coach. She coached me to project my voice when speaking on stage and gave me the tools to use my voice effectively while presenting. In addition to the voice coaching, she assisted me in using my body language to complement my verbal communication. I highly recommend working with Alida if you want to make an impact when speaking and communicating in general.

Faris Khalifeh (Quiet Leadership Coach)